Monday, April 4, 2016

Ceiling and Attic fans are important for springtime and summer!

Ceiling fans are fantastic!!
It's springtime and time to make upgrades and changes! Especially getting ready for the summertime heat. Installing ceiling fans in almost every room in your home can cool your house and reduce your electric bills. Also, installing attic fans is a great way to help keep your home at a cooler temperature. Hill Electric can assemble, install, and make sure your fans are working properly and most efficiently. We’ve been in the desert since the 1950’s so we know how hot it gets here.   

We recommend fans for both the summer and winter since you can reverse the motion of most fans in winter to enable your heating system to rise and keep you warmer.
Choosing different styles of fans for different rooms is a clever way to also decorate and many times really enhance a particular mood or setting you want for your home. Visit our website at: and view all our videos and photos. We have several videos providing electrical information. We can schedule an appointment with you for a free estimate for upgrades, new installations, and remodels. Give us a call anytime at 760-772-1770.

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