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Smoke detectors their relevance for your safety and the safety of your family

Smoke detectors their relevance for your safety and the safety of your family

All houses built in the last Three Decade are required to have a smoke detectors installed and ready to use. Smoke alarms only have a life expectancy of Ten Years and after that they should be replaced by a qualified electrician. Some alarm business or even fire alarm companies can legally install smoke alarms which can be linked right into a reporting interaction center (fire or police). 

If you have an older residence, or your smoke alarms more than Ten Years old, you need to seriously consider replacing them with new technology. You qualified electrician can advise you or provide you smoke alarms that are right for your home situation.
Did you know that in a house fire you have as little as three minutes to get you and your family out of the house? This is no joke! You need good smoke detectors in your home! 

There are 2 different types of technologies of smoke detectors: ionization is one type and the other is photoelectric. Each type utilizes an entirely different technology to detect a home fire, so which one is the correct type for you home? Also there are now smoke detector units that have double technology alarm systems.

Photoelectric Smoke detectors
These systems are most reliable with a smoldering fire; which are, the most common fires seen within houses and homes. How they work is very interesting. These detectors find smoke bits (airborne particles) between 2 optical sensing units (transmitter as well as receiver). When the "signal strength of the optical receiver sensor begins to drop, the smoke detector with alarm! 

Ionization smoke alarm

This sort of device uses a small amount of radioactive material to identify smoke airborne particles between the two sensors; much the same way as the photoelectric detectors functions. These type of smoke detectors work best with open flames! 

The fire department suggestions

As stated by the experts any smoke alarm is much better compared to none in use at all. Which smoke detector does the fire department favor? The dual sensor type! 

Main house power or battery operated?

There are basically 4 ways that smoke detectors can be powered:
      1. Main power connected to a residence alarm system with a battery backup
      2. Extended life lithium battery which is non-replaceable, not such a good option.
      3. Main power with a 9 volt standard battery back-up
      4. Battery ran (typical 9 volt battery)

Purchasing a smoke detector.

You can do a DIY and go purchase your very own smoke detector; however, Hillside electric can pick the new approved detectors for your house plus mount/install them so you can relax by understanding you have the most current smoke detectors protecting you and your family. Just a qualified electrical contractor should install your smoke detectors in your home or office.

Where do you mount a smoke detectors for maximum protection?

The position of your smoke detectors are important for your home fire security. Routine areas consist of:
      - Bed room ceilings
      - Corridors and or hallways
      - Living areas for example your living room, game room, or TV room
      - If you have a Multilevel home… then one of the best places is at the top of the staircases

Places you DO NOT put them:
      - Cooking areas
      - Bathrooms

Testing your smoke detectors in your home to make sure they
are working.

It is suggested that a once a month test of your smoke detectors be performed. You can do this on the first of monthly for simple memory. You need to additionally change your batteries (if possible) annually or comply with the manufacturers suggestions about battery substitute and battery life.

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