Tuesday, May 24, 2016

When do you need a qualified electrician? It isn't always obvious!

Flicking lights can be a sign of trouble!

So it would seem that you should know when you need an electrician but that isn’t always true! Right here are 8 signs or reasons that you need a qualified electrician.

1. You have lights that flicker. The most basic part of this is that if a light bulb is flickering you might simply need to replace the defective light bulb. If after changing the light bulb you find that the light bulb still flickers (annoying at best), you may have an electrical wiring issue. Time to switch off that light; as well as, pick up the phone and make that call to a qualified electrician!

2. A tripping electrical circuit breaker. Breakers are there for a very good reason and if they are tripping then you most certainly have a serious issue! This could be very dangerous scenario which could lead to a house fire. Time to make that call!

3. At any time or place that you experience a shock from an appliance or when using an electrical appliance you need a qualified electrician! Electrical socks can seriously injure you or even kill you! They can also result in a home fire. Truly NOW THIS is the moment to call that qualified electrical expert!!!!

4. If you hear “buzzing” and you know you don’t have bees in the walls then most likely you have an electrical wiring issue. That buzzing is most likely caused by electrical wiring too close to each other or the insulation is breaking down. At any rate it’s time to make that phone call to qualified electrical expert!!!! Don’t waste anytime but go make that call!

5. If you have any discolored or burned electrical outlets… Don't use them! And you know what time it is.. Make that PHONE CALL! This type of issue could bring about a home fire and or perhaps a fatal shock!

6. If you smell something burning and you know you're are not cooking! A burning odor isn't great and you need to make that PHONE CALL TODAY!

7. If you notice any type of heat around plug outlets or light fixtures. This means you have issues for example… with a plugin appliances like a blender or food processor. When you utilize the mixer does it get really warm or over heat? Make that TELEPHONE CALL NOW. Your qualified electrician won’t fix your appliance but can check to see if the outlets and wiring are working properly. Regardless, MAKE THAT CALL!

8. If you ever see sparks or flames coming from an electrical wall socket, light fixtures or the like… guess what. It’s time to pick up the phone and make that CALL NOW.

In closing, if you see or experience any of these issues then you know what to do… make that call! It’s important to understand when you need a qualified electrician or when not. So, if you should have any questions with this please give us a call or email.

Todd Hillside
Hill Electric in Palm Desert CA.

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