Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Find a qualified electrician

Qualified electrician

Finding a qualified, professional, and affordable electrician

The electrician world is highly regulated, which is a good thing but you still have to be on the watch for people who claim to be a certified electrician and they are not! It’s a simple thing to both ask for credentials and testimonials. It might seem straight forward about the jobs they do, that is, either a light works or it doesn’t however doing things the safe way is just as important.
Qualified electricianCircuits can be poorly designed from the start and a qualified electrician can spot that a mile away. Wiring is very important to get done correctly and safely. If not you run the risk of a house fire or even worse! Getting a good qualified electrician is a must.

Circuits that are not correct can also damage your electric appliances! Damage can be to electric motors like you will find in your refrigerator, washer and even your dryer.   Faulty wiring can be not only expensive to replace your appliances but can be costly due to fire or even electrical shock! Having a real qualified electrician is a must and not employ a handyman to do a professionals job.

 There are two types of qualified electricians: first, a master electrician and second a journeyman electrician. The master electrician, as one would imagine has successfully passed a standardized test and has at least 2 years of experience in the electrical field. They also know the National Electrical code plus any code modifications that comes from the state you live in. He is also qualified to plan, design, install, and maintain any electrical system project. 

The journeyman on the other hand might have to work under a master electrician (you can check your states laws for this). However by law they can’t design electrical systems but they can install wiring and other electrical equipment. All of this makes a big difference when the building inspector comes to sign off on your electrical project. Without the right electricians the building inspector can’t sign off and you might even face other issues with the city.

In short, make sure you know who is working on your electrical projects. It will lead to a safe and less costly road when you compare it to a handyman or the like.

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