Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The many mistakes people make with recess lighting

recessed lighting
The many mistakes that people do with recessed lighting. Read this before you make contact with a qualified electrician so you will know what you really want to do!

Mistake one. Installing recessed lighting everywhere! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. “Can” lighting is very inexpensive so people sometimes go wild with putting them everywhere but the optics of the light has a low lumen output. 

recessed lighting
Mistake two. Think the kitchen and you might forget task lights but they are absolutely necessary Recessed lighting can’t put enough lumens for cooking tasks. So don’t forget task lighting. Your qualified electrician can show you all about task lighting.

Mistake three. If you have halogens or incandescent lighting or installed put them on dimmers! As a result of using a dimmer you will save energy, lower heat output, and it will extend the lifetime of the bulbs!

Mistake four. In the bathroom remember task lights again! Just using downlights will not provide enough lumens for the types of things that go on around a mirror. For example putting on makeup, brushing your teeth or even using a tweezers.

recessed lighting
Mistake five: Not using or incorporating task, accent and ambient lighting in your design. Task lighting provides higher lumens for tasks where ambient sets a mood! Accent lighting also draws the eye to valuable eye candy.

Mistake six. Not controlling each type of light separately. To get the maximum flexibility and efficiency each type of light should be on its own controller.

Mistake seven. Putting recessed lighting in rooms or spaces with high ceiling for ambient light! High ceilings need a tight beam to be the most effective.

Mistake eight. Decorate with lumens not fixtures. Many people focus on fixtures instead of the light output of that fixture. So it’s important to design with light and not the fixtures.

If you are interested in recessed and indoor lighting give us a call so we can walk you through the correct options for your home. A qualified electrician who has lots of experience with recessed lighting, mood lighting, and task lighting for your home project.

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